FASS Forward microcredit courses

Succeed now and in the future with FASS Forward microcredit courses. Learn the skills you need whether you're finishing your undergraduate degree, planning grad school or looking for work.


Courses are only one month and are open to all students. The fastest way to finish your elective courses.


Look forward to your future. Take control of your path with these valuable, lifelong skills.


Get ahead in school and work with FASS Forward microcredit courses.

FASS Forward microcredit courses available this summer

Courses run May 12 - June 5, 2020. One credit each. Registration now open.

FASS 200 - Writing right: Strategies for effective revision

Provides an opportunity for students to undertake a close revision of a previously written paper in order to learn how to improve the clarity, economy, and flow of their writing. Activities are designed to teach students how to revise their work more effectively. The writing and revision strategies worked on in this course are applicable across all disciplines.

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FASS 205 - Finding voice: Public speaking for social change

Provides an opportunity for a skills-based immersion into the art of Public Speaking.  In a workshop setting, learners will critically analyze contemporary speeches while developing their own skills in speech, rhetoric, non-verbal communication, and storytelling. This course is for students, in any discipline, who wish to learn to be effective public speakers in academia and beyond. 

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FASS 206 - Creating effective teams

Explores how teams require a self-awareness, awareness of others and the ability to communicate expectations and norms. This course will use a selection of articles, tools and current events to develop an awareness of individual strengths, weaknesses and the impact on the team environment. Classes will be discussion and activity based. Mandatory Core Strengths assessment $70.00.

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FASS 209 - Write-minded: Writing with a public audience in mind

Provides an opportunity to write persuasively for a non-academic audience. In the first part of each class, students analyze and practice elements of persuasive writing. In the second part, students workshop their drafts of a short opinion piece in roundtable editing sessions. Each student will produce a polished piece of writing that they could submit for publication.

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FASS 203 - The art of debate: Constructive adversarialism in theory and practice

Introduces analyzing and participating in formal debates. Through lectures, discussions, practice debates and analysis assignments, students will be introduced to the foundational argumentation skills of persuasive debating.

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FASS 207 - Cultural humility: Understanding diversity, equity, and inclusion

Explores the broad topic of cultural humility in order to gain a greater understanding of how cultural beliefs and values impact behaviour. Students will learn to distinguish key terms in the area of diversity, inclusion and equity. Students will explore ways to improve inclusion within FASS and broadly at SFU.

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FASS 202 - Social media for work and play

Provides opportunities to explore how social media works for personal use, career progress, at work, and to gain skills to use it more effectively. Many jobs need a working knowledge of social media even if not clearly positioned within the fields of communications or marketing. Learning will be through classroom presentations, online discussion, and practical assignments (group & individual).

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FASS 208 - Introduction to personal financial planning for students

Introduces students to how to optimize their financial resources.  Some of the topics which will be covered are debt avoidance and management, saving vs investing, creating and maintaining a budget, tax planning strategies, passive income and side hustles, and the importance to networking. The goal is to help students learn and develop the habits needed to reach their financial goals.

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FASS 204 - Communicating in conflict and negotiation: An introduction to the essential skills

Introduces an overview of essential skills and strategies for dealing effectively with conflict and negotiating in a range of contexts, including business, work, home, and community. Students will be introduced to foundational readings on the methods and theories of effective, collaborative negotiation and conflict resolution.

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  1. How much do FASS Forward courses cost?
  2. Tuition is based on a per credit basis, not by course. Regular student fees still apply. For more information, visit sfu.ca/students/calendar/2020/summer/fees-and-regulations/tuition-fees/undergraduate

  3. How long is a 1-credit course?
  4. 12 hours of class time. Most classes are 1x/week for 4 weeks. The only exception is FASS 204, which is 2x/week for 2 weeks.

  5. How do FASS Forward courses count towards my degree completion?
  6. They count as elective credits for your degree completion.

  7. When are FASS Forward courses offered?
  8. May 12th-June 5th, 2020.

  9. Can I do more than one course?
  10. Yes! The courses are structured so that you can take more than one in a day. They will also finish before the workload demands increase for regular summer session courses. 

  11. What are skills-based courses?
  12. Rather than mastering academic content to be successful in the course, you will be practicing a skill. For example, in order to become a better writer, you need to practice writing. You will have lots of opportunities to practice, get feedback and practice some more. The readings will be chosen as a reference for the skill development rather than for their argument or academic contribution to the understanding of the content. 

  13. Why were these courses developed?
  14. FASS Forward courses were designed in response to a national survey by The Conference Board of Canada in February 2018. This report argued that graduates from the social sciences and humanities needed more support to be able to articulate how their degree has value to potential employers. 

    FASS conducted two surveys of 16,186 students in order to understand current work lives and future career aspirations (FASSFutures by Monica Petek, July 2019).

    Of the 2,848 responses,

    58% of undergraduates taking FASS courses felt that “FASS students do not receive the same guidance on skill development and career planning as students in other faculties.”


    89.6% of students felt that a 1 credit course option was a good or very good idea.

  15. Who can take FASS Forward courses?
  16. Anyone across the university who has finished 30 units. You do not need to be in FASS to enroll. 


For further questions, please contact Jennifer Chutter, FASS Forward Pilot Coordinator, at [email protected].

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