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Course Management Systems


An online learning platform for face-to-face and web-based courses. Common uses include storage of course material, discussion and collaboration, delivery of quizzes, and assignment submission and grading. Canvas offers mobile access to courses.


An open-source, web-based course management system used for a number of Chemistry, Math and Statistics courses at SFU.


SFU subscribes to the anti-plagiarism service Turnitin.com. Turnitin is available for use by all SFU instructors.

The Teaching and Learning Centre's Turnitin Resource Page has overviews of the Turnitin service for both instructors and students.

There are implications for personal privacy with the use of the Turnitin service. 

For more information, see the Protection of Privacy section of the SFU calendar at http://students.sfu.ca/calendar/student-info/privacy.html






Student Resources

Lecture Recordings

Lectures given in selected theatres and classroom can be recorded digitally, and are available online for registed students.

Check your grades online

Students can check their grades online with the Student Information System.

For help with using this system, visit students.sfu.ca/help/sishelp

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