Shoak Alhussami and CJ Rowe are overseeing the SVSPO's review of GP 44.


Shape the future of SFU's policy on sexual violence and misconduct

January 23, 2020

By Natalie Lim

While walking around any of SFU’s campuses this month, you’ve likely seen posters, campus screens and even chocolates sporting a blue ribbon for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. All throughout January, SFU’s Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office (SVSPO) has been raising awareness about sexual violence within the university community.

This month, the SVSPO is leading another important project. The policy facilitating their work is under review, and they want your ideas on how to best address and prevent sexual violence and misconduct at SFU.

GP 44, SFU’s policy on sexual violence and misconduct, was established in 2017 after an extensive consultation process with the SFU community. Although this year's GP 44 review is mandated by the BC government—post-secondary institutions in the province must review their policies every three years—it’s also an opportunity to clarify and expand on this crucial document.

“We are building upon significant work that was undertaken by students, faculty and staff in 2017,” says CJ Rowe, director of the SVSPO. “Thanks to them, GP 44 was developed in a way that reflected the needs and wishes of the SFU community.”  

Rowe hopes this tradition will continue with the policy review—which is where you come in. Until January 30th, SFU students, staff and faculty can participate in the review process by reading a set of proposed changes to GP 44 and submitting a survey with your feedback.

The suggested changes are based on feedback from a round of consultations the SVSPO hosted this past fall. While no major changes are proposed, the updated policy contains more accessible language, elaborates on SVSPO procedures, and provides additional context about how the policy relates to the lived experiences of people on campus.

According to Rowe, participating in this review is one way you can help build a campus culture of consent, care and respect.

“By engaging with the review process, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how SFU is addressing and preventing sexual violence and misconduct on campus,” says Rowe. “This is your chance to shape a policy that affects all of us.”

To learn more about GP 44 and the policy review, visit the SVSPO website.

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